About IBMF

Welcome to IBMF (International Building Materials Forum) website!
If you are a manufacturer or an export agent of building materials and/or home appliances, please have a look at our website. There are several ways that we can work together to build your international business, targeting the Japanese market.

About IBMF

What we do:
☆ Promote the benefits of using imported building materials and appliances in the Japanese market as well as Japanese products in overseas markets.
☆ Get first hand information on legal & regulatory changes, analyze their impact on imported products, and make recommendations.
☆ Promote green and ecological benefits of imported building materials.
☆ Provide opportunities for exchanges of views and mutual understanding among importers and exporters of construction related products.
☆ Maintain a network of commercial and residential designers and provide technical support to architects and designers.

History of the IBMF:
The IBMF (International Building Materials Forum) was established in June 2006 as an industry organization to promote business exchanges and networking among companies engaged in importing and distributing of building products in Japan. The objective of the IBMF was to work out collective ways to deal with government regulations and certification processes, which have been increasing, as well as to promote sound business practices for imported housing and building materials in the market.
As the scope of the organization developed, in May 2, 2014 the IBMF became an General Incorporated Association (GIA) gaining a solid legal status while publicly assuming responsibilities as an industry organization.
In 2017, the IBMF went through further changes to include supporting activities for exporters of Japanese and imported building materials and home appliances to overseas markets. For this reason, the name of the organization was changed to the International Building Materials Forum (IBMF).

IBMF Membership and Governance:
Currently, the IBMF consists of a) regular members, b) associate members, c) architect and designer members, d) special supporting members, and e) international members.
a) Regular Members are firms that ‘import and distribute’ or ‘manufacture and export’ building materials in Japan and/or overseas markets, as well as contractors and builders who use imported building materials and home appliances.
b) Associate Members are not in the business of importing, distributing or exporting of building products and home appliances, but benefit from and/or support the activities of regular members. This membership level includes installers of imported building materials & home appliances.
c) Architect/Designer Members are individuals who hold licenses and/or certifications to conduct business relating to building and space design, who are in the position to specify building materials and home appliances to be used in projects.
d) Special Supporting Members are public and interested organizations promoting the import and export of building materials in Japan and overseas markets.
e) International Members are overseas manufacturers and exporters of building materials and home appliances who are interested in entering or in expanding in the Japanese market.

The association is governed by the IBMF Board of Directors, consisting 4 directors and 1 auditor, and the board is chaired by Mr. Shuji Samejima of Howdy Co., Ltd. Day to day operations of the IBMF are supervised by the Operational Committee (Kanjikai) made up of all committee chairpersons and division general directors. The Kanjikai is chaired by Executive Director, Mr. Masaki Hayashi of Prairie Homes Co., Ltd., and the activities are supported by the IBMF Secretariat headed by Secretary General, Mr. Chrys Kikuchi of C.K. & Associates.

Member Benefits and Services:
The members of the association have unlimited access to the following programs and services:
☆ Industry Information: All members receive information prepared by the association relating to the industry (currently in Japanese only)
☆ Notification Service: Members may use the IBMF website to announce sales and promotional activities, new products and services or related news free of charge.
☆ Participation in Committee and Divisional Activities: Members may choose to participate in any of the following committee and divisional activities; HomePage Committee, Design Award Committee, Mook Publication Committee, International Kitchen+Bath Designers Guild Division, Entry Support Division.
☆ Initiate Committee and Divisional Activities: Members may initiate the forming of study groups, committees or divisions, by making a proposal with 2 or more members.
☆ PR and media relation services: Members may delegate PR activities to the IBMF, and have the association prepare a “press release and kit” to send out to targeted media. The members are charged for successful publishing/interview sessions. (12,000 or US$100.00 for the publication of an article/interview with a media outlet).
☆ Marketability Study: Members may use IBMF Entry Support Division’s “Marketability Study” program for a US$1,000.00. The study provides a) market overview of the product/service in question, b) existing competition in the market, c) identifying key players in distribution, product specifying and installing, d) regulatory or market requirements and e) recommended actions, based on interviews with at least 3 IBMF experts.

IBMF’s past & present involvement:
Windows Insulation Rating Requirements(2006)
Warranty for Faulty Housing(2006)
Windows Insulating Rating Phase II(2009-2014)
Eco-Point Subsidies for Housing(2009-2011)
Study to improve Logistic Systems(2009-2011)
Sustainable Building Study Group(2010-2012)
international Kitchen Designers Guild(2012-)
SG on Compliance for Members & Products(2013-)
Production of IBM Check List (with IHIO)(2013)
IBM Meister Program (with IBMA)(2015-)
IBM for Remodeling Market (with IHIO)(2015-)

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